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15 Questions to Ask Yourself to Make Your Dream Wedding a Reality

Getting married? Congratulations! The fun and terror starts now.

If you are like a majority of people, you're probably already overwhelmed with options. There are truly so many choices and decisions to make for your special day. Below I have listed some questions to help you narrow in on your dream wedding. These are some basic questions to get you started. This list does not include every decision you'll have to make along the way.

These questions will assist you in getting to the root of what you really want at your event and, as a bonus, will also make things much easier for your florist and significant other.

PRO TIP: I suggest bringing this list with you to your consultation and making many copies to keep in binders and on your fridge until the day of your ceremony.

Before you start reading, take out a writing utensil and a piece of paper. It helps to physically write out the answers to lock them in your brain and keep you honest.

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15 Questions to Help You Begin to Plan Your Big Day

1. How many people do you want at this event? (Consider creating a mock guest list here)

2. Where would you like to have this event?

3. What outfit will you be wearing? (Think color, style, etc.)

4. What kind of atmosphere are you wanting for your guests?

5. Do you have a specific theme in mind yet? If so, write it here.

6. What are some of your favorite colors and color combinations?

7. Which colors and combinations do you hate?

8. Think of weddings you have attended. What did you love?

9. Think of weddings you have attended. What did you hate?

10. Which flowers/greenery do you like?

11. Which flowers/greenery do you dislike?

12. Who is important enough at your event to have a floral arrangement (bouquet, boutonniere, corsage, etc) made for?

13. What kind of decor are you thinking for this event?

14. Who will be helping you with this event and what will their role be? (Designate this now and save yourself so much time later)

15. What do you have to have at your ceremony? What are the must-haves? (Guests, colors, flower variations, theme, etc)

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