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5 Ways to Make Your Wedding More YOU

Personalization is one of the biggest wedding trends of 2020.

Brides (and grooms alike) are finding new ways to add a little more of themselves into the wedding ceremony and reception. From matching socks to giant face cutouts as decor, couples are changing the wedding game and we're HERE for it.

Have you wondered how you could incorporate more of what you love into your special day? We've created a list of 5 incredibly unique ways you can make your wedding or elopement more YOU and make your guests (or Insta followers) drool in the process.

1. Go all out on decor

When you imagine the best possible day on the planet, where are you? How do you feel?

If you're on a beach with sand in your toes and shells in your hair, you should do that for your wedding day. If you want to feel cozy and comfortable, use rugs and string lights as decor for your wedding day.

Likewise, if you want to feel like an absolute queen, wear a crown, sit in a throne, and drink out of jewel-encrusted glassware.

2. Cater the menu to your specific tastes

At the end of the day, you're planning a big party for you and your partner. Why not eat exactly what you love? ...So what's your favorite food?

Have your favorite restaurant cater or hire a food truck to drive up and serve guests. Serve your favorite wine or fizzy soda to guests. Eat tacos and drink beer if you like!

Your guests will happily take what you give them and if anyone complains - it's your day!

3. Play all your favorite tunes

If you only listen to one artist in the car or dance to bluegrass while you clean house, why not include it on your wedding day? You can play around with themes and artists that fit your specific wedding style.

Have your guests sing along to your favorite Disney soundtrack or swaying to love songs hand picked by your friends.

Make your day as unique as you are.

4. Book your favorite entertainment

What do you and your partner like to do together?

You can probably do that at your wedding! If you like to play board games together, make a game station for guests. If you both love dance, why not choreograph an intricate routine and teach your guests or hire dancers to dance to your favorite jazz number.

Your imagination is the limit here. You can have a water balloon fight, group painting session, or karaoke hour. It all depends on you and your passions.

5. Wear what you want. Period.

If you're not into the big white dress, don't wear one. Even if your grandmother, mother-in- law or best friend tell you otherwise. This is your day.

If you want to wear sweatpants, a flowing cape, or a short black dress - DO it!

When you look back at the photos from this day, you will be able to see whether you were truly comfortable in your skin or not. Why be miserable (or sweaty!) when you don't have to, especially on your most important day!

To recap

The honest truth is: Someone will have a problem with your choices no matter what you do. Don't try to please everyone! This day is for you (and your partner of course).

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