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Wedding Consultations: 5 Tips to Get The Most Out of Your Meeting

Updated: May 23, 2019

Booked a consultation with me but unsure how to prepare? Here are my 5 tips to ensure you get the most out of your meeting for your upcoming wedding, elopement, or commitment ceremony.

This advice will help you feel heard and understood in your consultation with me or any florist.

Tip Number 1: Do Your Research

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If you have some ideas in mind, Google those concepts before your consultation. Weddings require a lot of work. It can be difficult to imagine your wedding day in your head if you don't have a clue what you want. Make it easier on yourself and your florist by looking into how you want your wedding to look and feel like.

I can only do so much education on bouquet styles, ribbon sheen, and flower variations in the 30 minute to 1 hour window of a wedding consultation. Therefore, it is important for you to be aware of different ways you can go with your florals and accents before we meet.

I want to spend the most time figuring out how to make your wedding day exactly how you picture it. I don't want to waste time or cause you anymore stress than you're undoubtedly already feeling. Doing research beforehand and having some base knowledge on what you like or don't like can go a long way in a consultation and help you get the most out of your meeting.

Tip Number 2: Bring Pictures. Period.

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Always, always, always bring pictures. Whether you're meeting with someone to replace your window shutters or getting breast implants (or ordering flowers for your wedding) always bring pictures. Take pictures at a flower shop, screenshots from online, or even your Pinterest board with you when you meet a florist.

Your designer will probably also ask you to email them what you're wanting before you meet or discuss over the phone. (Hint: You should always email or text pictures before or after the consultation to make sure you are on the same page for your special day)

Though any good florist will get the gist of what you're wanting, all florists prefer physically seeing what you like. It is not only appreciated, but often expected at a consultation. Not only will this make your florist's job so much easier, it will also help you get exactly what you're looking for on your wedding day (or as close to it as possible).

Tip Number 3: Stick with Your Theme

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A lot of brides have eclectic styles. For example, you may like a tropical color palette but you can't live without rustic touches at your ceremony. These two themes don't work together and if you combine too many things, you may give your guests and florist a major headache!

My advice? Find what you like and holdfast to those elements. There are ways to play around with textures, colors, and accessories on your big day without totally overthrowing your vision. However, you have to be careful. If you become overwhelmed, leave it to a professional.

Tip Number 4: Know Your Budget (and be prepared to adjust)

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Not all florists are created equal. Some florists have a hard time stretching your dollar and others (*cough* Frost Floral) are experts in budget weddings. The important thing to note when going into a consultation is that at the end of the day, this is your event. If you dream doesn't fit in your budget, you may have to alter your dream a little or reevaluate your budget.

The things you see online are beautiful and lush, but there isn't any information on how much they cost or how many favors had to be called in to get the specific type of flower they were wanting. Very often, pictures have been altered and do not represent the flowers or greens in the arrangement.

Your florist will know what is available in your area and how they can work to fit your budget and vision. Flowers you need may be out of season or stock depending on the date of your event. Therefore, it is imperative to make your designer aware at the consultation. Also, be prepared to tweak your ideas a little or your budget if at all possible.

Generally, if you are flexible and honest with your florist, they can make your wants fit your means.

Tip Number 5: Figure Out What You Hate

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This last tip applies to brides who may read through this with some apprehension. Or if you skipped everything up to this point, welcome to the party. While I do know several people who have their weddings planned so well, I wonder what they need me for: others I talk to become lost in the details of it all.

That's natural and totally fine. Weddings and commitment ceremonies alike are stressful and require a lot of effort and forethought, as do the relationships they celebrate. So here's a tip I think everyone can use even if you are completely frazzled: figure out what you don't like.

Some people hate carnations. Others can't stand the smell of lilies. Roses are too traditional for some brides and a handful of individuals want to forego florals altogether and do something unique for their wedding day. What you like is important, but what you really can't stand is perhaps even better to note.

At Frost Floral, we never want to add an element that you don't want or a flower that reminds you of your terrible ex. In order to make your wedding/commitment ceremony/elopement exactly what you have dreamed of, you have to let us know everything. (Knowing what you absolutely do not want can help narrow down choices for the fickle bride, too)

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